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Get Noticed in $1000 or less

Sep 8, 2015

As any garage start up on a shoestring budget, how to spend our next quarter is always a dilemma. Its especially hard when it comes to how to get noticed issues.

We have a dream – we wish to make the world a better place for future generation.
We also have a formidable cause – we want to change the kids media world to be much more positive messages oriented – i.e encourage the industry to create a much more positive games that will be as exciting as the negative ones.

We have a clear plan and we have a phase 1 product. So far so good. Yet the world is full with folks like us. Dreamers, idealists, big desire & big dreams. Somewhere along route 128 outside Boston MA and between Palo Alto and Sunnyvale (on the other side of the land of infinite opportunities) the start up graveyards are full of such attempts.

So… what can we do to burst into our target audiences psych and captivate their attention. More important, get loads and loads of download of our free app.

The challenge is.. our theme requires attention, thought and actual high brain processes to connect to. Its not another app that promises quick sex on the road or peeping into someone elses life to the degree they allow it (or not).

That is a long way to tell you how we got to the realization that it is worth investing in a prime video production.

After we got turned down by all the major studios, we looked into hiring a crew, a studio and self producing it but that’s when our bank account got in the way. As tenacious entrepreneurs do we went back to the drawing board.

Multiple hours of brainstorming and Youtubing and lots of junk food made the light bulb go off – Authenticity. That’s it! Just tell it the way it is.

In the past 3 years working on the Valuelizer we had thousands of encounters in which we got amazing reactions. We never thought of recording it on tape.

So.. as we do not have budgets nor the talent on board to produce something that would look like the always adverts series or fake it as if it is an everyday interview like the amazing american greeting ad we made it the start up way – thru real skype with our own in-house editor, director, producer, casting manager, sound technician and interviewer (all-in-2). For full disclosure we actually invested $29 in skype call recorder.

The outcome is in front of you. We sure hope this gets noticed.
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