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You’re the kind of parent who does everything to ensure your kids eat well, and are well-rested. You’re very selective when it comes to choosing the right schools for them. You care about what they put in their bodies.

What about what they’re putting in their minds?

You’re protective of the influences of their surroundings. What about the 53 hours of children’s apps & media the average kid consumes each week?

Media affects the whole child – socially, behaviorally, intellectually, and emotionally.

The media world is getting more out of control by the hour. It’s creeping into the hearts and minds of our children. Our kids are watching TV, playing games on the x box, scrolling through YouTube and zoning out on Apple & Android children’s apps on a daily basis.

That’s more than the quality time we think they’re spending with us and at school. And that’s reality! All this media time deeply affects their future self.

Kids are getting sucked into daily consumption earlier – as young as 6 months. The explosion in mobile media devices makes it easier to stay connected.

Shock and sensation sell better than positive and educational. Result? Our kids are becoming desensitized to aggression, social values, and human dignity. We believe it’s important for the future of our children – and ongoing generations – to create a more sophisticated solution.

The days of just “turning it off” are long-gone. Turn onto the new solution. The future of media lies in your hands.

We created a democratic, crowd-sourced platform for parents to revolutionize how children’s apps & media are classified in the 21st century. We believe giving parents a collective voice gives us power to influence an entire industry to favor positive values media.

Magicalis introduces The Valuelizer, the first-ever crowd sourced children’s media content classification app. Created by parents for parents. Free of commercial interests.

Developed in collaboration with award-winning psychologists & psychiatrists, the Valuelizeris ultimately created by the parents, for the parents.

The Valuelizer makes it easier for parents to discover media that fits their specific life values, preferences – and their child’s unique character.

We created a quick& intuitive, parent-based & professionally supported discovery software that enables parents to modify their child’s digital media consumption.

Think of an equalizer in a sound system. Its job is to filter out specific sound frequencies so you can change the tone of your music.

The Valuelizer enables parents to set controls that allow only media fitting your values & beliefs to come through. You set the tone.

The endless supply of digital media bombarding children makes it hard to differentiate between suitable & unsuitable media to the specific child’s age & character, and to the child’s parents’ values & beliefs. Magicalis brings you a tool to solve just that.

We’re passionate parents who are working to shape how children’s apps & media affects children in the new digital era. Our team represents a tremendous talent pool with success on a global scale. We have decades of experience in cutting-edge technology innovations, successful new product launches with 100’s of millions of users, designing multi-billion transaction systems, and child development.

It all started in Boston. In 2011, Dan Olschwang (our founder) was living there with his wife and two young sons. He began noticing that media was becoming an uncontrollable force in his generation’s family life.

Media consumption has increased by over 700% in this generation, and our kids are glued to gadgets an average of 53 hours a week. And yet, most children do not fully develop the capacity for abstract thinking or hypothetical reasoning until the age of 10.

That means our kids are likely to misinterpret real-life consequences of media content.

Dan began asking questions. He sought out leading criminologists, pediatric psychiatrists, neuroscientists and child psychologists. He wanted to know, what effect is early media exposure having on our childrens’ developing personalities?

How can we compete with media’s 24/7 influence when it comes to shaping of our kids’ values and beliefs?

Where can we find an inside scoop on what our kids are really learning from media?

It dawned on Dan that there’s no silver bullet for blocking out media’s influence. Control is impossible. All we can do is become more aware. Specifically, of the values and beliefs our kids are learning from children’s apps & media.

Dan’s idea was to create a crowd-source platform for parents that would make discovering children’s apps & media easier, and more reliable.

He brought his idea to us – Avri Olschwang (his brother), and Menashe Rothschild, (his long-time collaborator at Jumptap.) We then created an advisory panel of award-winning child development experts lead by Gerald Koocher, Ph.D., Dean, College of Science and Health at DePaul University, and Nadja N. Reilly, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Freedman Center for Family and Child Development.

Together we began imagining the possibilities.

What if there was a place where parents could find media content classification standards according to the values that matter most to parents?

What if parents could instantly find the children’s apps & media best suited to their child’s unique personality, beliefs and values?

What if parents could participate in how content is classified?

What if this place could harness the collective and intuitive knowledge of millions of parents and influence how content is produced in the future?

We made ‘what if’ a reality.


Built for Today

A Major Problem

Research shows today’s child stays connected to media more than 53 hours a week. They’re spending more time with their mobile devices than with us! How is all this exposure affecting their emotional/social/intellectual development?

What are the potential benefits or hazards associated with increased media exposure?

Given this amount of time, it seems critical for parents to find ways of becoming more informed consumers about the kinds of games, apps and similar activities that are absorbing our children’s time. And potentially exerting a lasting influence.


Built to Empower

Quickly Discover Enriching Media

Children’s apps & media production is a multi-billion dollar industry. Spanning everything from TV, movies, games, books all the way to multi channel merchandising. Parents are on the receiving end of this game. We have no say over what gets produced.

The Valuelizerwas created to give parents a platform so our collective voice can be heard. And felt. The more people that join the Valuelizercommunity, the more impact we’ll have in shaping the type of media produced for our children.

We believe as more parents participate in our new crowd-source classification platform, the collective becomes more aware. Our voice becomes louder.

Together we can influence the type of children’s apps & media being produced. We can change the way business is done. We don’t have to be passive consumers anymore. We can become the force that triggers what’s sold in the children’s media marketplace.

We see the need for change. We’re moving to make it happen. We invite you to move with us. When enough parents begin moving, we will have a movement. When this movement is strong enough, we’ll have in the best sense of the word, a revolution.

That’s what we need right now. The creation of a better future for children is every parent’s dream. Join us in making this dream a reality.


Built with Values

Media Exposure & Child Development

We believe parents know what’s best for their kids. All they’re missing is more reliable guidelines. And an easier way to pick & choose from the overload of children’s apps & media choices. Our mission is to make it easier and faster for parents to find products that contains human values in line with their own.
Seriously, the onslaught of new media and digital content is never ending. With over 900,000 children’s apps to choose from, who has the time to sort through it all?

How does a parent know what’s acceptable or age-appropriate for their child? Or reflective of their values and belief systems?

Using a comprehensive, impartial crowd-source democratic platform, the Valuelizer harnesses the collective and intuitive knowledge of millions of parents concerned about appropriate media content, removing guesswork from the equation.

End result? Custom-created content classifications for your child.


Built for Revolution

Join the Community

In the late 1960’s, kids’ media consisted of books, radio, and for the lucky few, television. And for the really lucky ones, color TV! It’s a whole new ball game today. Most 8 year olds have their own tablets, and most 4yr olds play games on a smartphone. Not to mention xbox, Wii, and a whole slue of other game consoles and machines that recognize hand or body gestures, and exceed the human-eye resolution limit.

These devices give kids access to loads & loads of media. Yet, the way we decide what fits a specific kid’s personality and age hasn’t changed since the 60’s. We think this is a problem. A major problem.

Age-appropriate standards for children’s content have not kept pace with today’s exponential growth. What few standards that do exist are obsolete, inaccurate and ineffective. And the people writing the reviews are partial to the products because they’re being paid by the producers.


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