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The Values

Parent the Way You Want

For the last 40+ years, ratings systems for children’s media content has been imperfect at understanding parent’s needs. Now, for the first time, parents get to decide what’s best for their child’s unique personality through a parental control app


Meet the Values

Think of an equalizer in a sound system. Its job is to filter out
specific sound frequencies so you can change the tone of
your music. The Valuelizer™ works the same way, only it’s
with children’s media. Such parental control app can help
you set the controls to allow only media fitting your values &
beliefs to come through

No two children are the same. Every child has unique
personality wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses. And
each parent’s values are different. That’s why the Valuelizer
™ works. It helps parents personalize their child’s media

By creating the Valuelizer™, the first value-based
content-discovery tool, you can discover & classify digital
media, AND share your views & get recommendations from
other parents just like you

What we’re saying here is, we have an impact on actually
shaping the type of media produced today as parent

No more sexuality, violence and profanity as the only
dimensions for media screening and classification systems.
We’ve put together an award-winning team of psychologists
to define new dimensions that matter most to parents.
Creativity, critical thinking development, empathy, tolerance
promotion, positive role modeling, fright factor, and more

We’re changing the rules of the game



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